Let's Play

Let's Play Not a Hero - Part 1

Alec makes some mouth noises like an anorexic girl

Let's Play Bomberman II

I'm a bit of an expert in Bomberman games, and in my expert opinion, Bomberman II is, it's not a very good Bomberman game.

Let's Play Some More Assorted NES Titles

Just some other randomly selected NES games

Let's Play Archon - The Light and the Dark

It looks like a Chess clone but then it turns out to be even worse than that.

Let's Play Some Assorted NES Titles

What could go wrong?

Let's Play River City Ransom

Probably half of this video is trying to get past the naming screen

Let's Play Helping Hand

Michel learns ASL

Let Us Play Dropsy, The Ninth - Tagged

This is the last Dropsy video before Alec disappeared into the woods for several weeks.

Let's Play Tales of Zestiria - Part 6 - Lore dump

Five second blacks dot com

Let's Play Tales of Zestiria - Part 5 - Shepherd



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