Désiré - Episode 8 - Crossing the Line

Everyone gets away with everything

Désiré - Episode 7 - Not a Snapper to be Seen

It's herrings all the way down

Désiré - Episode 6 - Complaints Over Cheap Wine

In which Alec is too busy waffling to get anything done.

Désiré - Episode 5 - Of Mice and Boys

The red herring ratio in this game is beyond the pale

Désiré - Episode 4 - The Book! ... The Book!

Playing fetch quests to learn how to make pictures or som'

Désiré - Episode 3 - Of Batteries and Pedophiles

Désiré - Episode 2 - All I see is twinks

Bully problems at school? No problem, just commit a major sex crime. That will solve all your woes.

Désiré - Episode 1 - The Frenchest Game in All the Land

Alec jumps feet first into the pants of a boy with achromatopsia and he doesn't even get arrested for it

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