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The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady - Finale - The Eye of Adam

Oxygen doesn't work like that

The Cat Lady - Episode Forty-One - The Cat Widow

Alec returns to the life of Susan Ashworth and her Scooby Doo schemes.

The Cat Lady - Episode Forty - The Agency

Rita Tickle is likely to eat your baby.

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Nine - Misery

Joe Davis won't stop singing

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Eight - Schemes

Susan Ashworth is petty and childish.

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Seven - The Dog Lady

There can be only one!
...domesticated house mammal

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Six - Ground Floor

Why would there be 4 floors in a 5 story building?

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Five - I'm an Old Man!

In an instant, The Cat Lady becomes Penn Jillette's most hated game.

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Four: Breaking and Entering

The last thing I need is for Susan Ashworth to channel her inner Joss

The Cat Lady - Episode Thirty-Three - Cats Ate His Face

Cats ate his face.


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