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Alpha Protocol

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Thirty-Three - Again, Attrition

Death is the greatest teacher

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Thirty-Two - Redemption

Just one good run. That's all you need.

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Thirty-One - Zapped Again

Marburg trains all of his employees in zaps.

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Thirty - Remember the Alamo

Someone didn't tell our protagonist the squirrel hat goes on the head, not the chin.

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Nine - Mod Happy

Alec is, for a brief moment, a Kung Fu Master

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Eight - Chips

Tortilla, potato, corn, bean...

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Seven - Chunking

Don't put a checkpoint right behind a loading zone.

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Six - Intel?

Your objective is to listen to this vague phone call.

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Five - DinoLady

MT gets dazed and tazed

Let's Play Alpha Protocol - Part Twenty-Four - Lectured

I don't see how I'm supposed to care about the lives of people who are trying to kill me. Or would if they knew I was there.


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