Jam Sausage

Jam Sausage - Episode 9 - RUSH BOOBS

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Alec and Michel talk about tits and ass through the lens of Total Frat Move Dot Com

Jam Sausage - Episode 8 - Jam on the Street

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Alec and Michel get the opinions of resident everyman, Victor on today's most important headlines.

Jam Sausage - Episode 7 - Just Sausage

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There's no jam on this sausage, but it's still pretty tasty.

Jam Sausage - Episode 5 - The Internet

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This week on Jam Sausage, we talk about all things Internet

Jam Sausage - Episode 3 - Feces Jewelry

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Jace is out, so we brought in special guest David Miller to play with a gooseneck for 30 minutes.

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